Hoteles de Gipuzkoa is the non-profit association that brings together the accommodation in the territory to promote its visibility and competitiveness both within and beyond our borders. And it does so from a model of hotel tourism based on respect, balance and collaboration, natural and recognised pillars of Basque hospitality.

Inspired by an ideology that reflects the identity of those who make it up, and welcomed in the Gipuzkoa Business Association (ADEGI) as well as in different forums of the sector, Hoteles de Gipuzkoa promotes tourism that protects and reflects the personality, uniqueness and distinctiveness of our territory, its people, traditions and history.

Our Vision


Together. Further. Team and more team. Rowing forward, aware that alone we may get there sooner, but together, we will get further. Being aware that each hotel is the result of all those people who make it possible every day and accompanying our associates in the promotion of job stability, parity and wage equality as a reflection of an association that places people at the centre of everything.


What you expect from us, nothing more and nothing less. We believe in the tourist attraction of our territory and we do not want to disappoint. For this reason, continuous improvement is a maxim for which our associated hotels continually invest* in refurbishment, improvements, employee training, talent management and a restyling of their offer in order to stand out as safe, clean and quality hotels. An excellent Gipuzkoa. 

*  More than 350 million euros in the last decade.



A sustainable experience. Because sustainability also means respect, awareness, cooperation and the conviction that caring for the earth is everyone's job. That is why our associates tenaciously implement environmentally friendly processes, promote local products and suppliers and carry out integration and patronage projects, bringing visitors to Gipuzkoa closer to and involving them in what is ours.


Always forward. And to do so, innovate, innovate, innovate. Our associates invest in the digitalisation of services and management systems in order to serve better, be better, and invest everyone's time better. We are also implementing new company cultures that turn brands into shared projects.


We are destination ambassadors because we want to be more than just a place to sleep. Hotels that are the gateway to a whole territory and that invite their guests to discover and live a multitude of experiences. We are convinced, at the end of the day, that each of our hotels is a fundamental part of the enjoyment, delight and memories of our guests, building authentic and lasting relationships and connections over time. 


Hoteles de Gipuzkoa is the sum of its members. A joint effort that makes us leaders, a preeminent association with the competitive and resilient strength required to face the challenges of the present and future.

Hoteles de Gipuzkoa is a member of ADEGI (Gipuzkoa Business Association) and part of the following forums: 

  • The Basque Government Tourist Board.
  • The Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa Tourist Board.
  • Advisory Council and Board of Directors of the San Sebastian Tourism Association.
  • Plenary Session of the Spanish Confederation of Hotels (CEHAT).
  • The Hotel Technology Institute.